The Wire Roller LogoIf you need to remove fencing, and save it for re-use, there’s no better way than with our hydraulic power and manual wire fence rolling products.

Frenchglen Blacksmiths specializes in innovative solutions to resource management based problems. We manufacture a host of products including The Wire Roller Product Line, the SCAT Machine, headgates, gate latches, as well as personal lift devices to aid in at home mobility.

The Hydraulic Powered Wire Roller

The Wire Roller is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to remove strand wire fencing while preserving the integrity of fencing materials for re-use. Whether salvaging fencing material from rangeland, changing cross fencing on a ranch or backyard, or moving security wire, the Wire Roller reduces labor costs while increasing the salvage value of any strand wire fence. Its hydraulic wire spooling guide provides for personnel safety and creates perfect spools every time.

The Wire Roller easily coils up to a quarter mile of wire in a few minutes into a tight, reusable roll, virtually like new. The ease and safety of operation is enhanced by the hydraulic operating valves enabling the operator to run the machine and guide the wire from a safe position.

The Wire Roller is a hydraulic driven system. It can be powered by a conventional tractor hydraulic system in a 3 point hitch tractor mount configuration, by a skid steer type loader, or by Frenchglen Blacksmiths Portable Hydra-Power Pack. The Hydra-Power Pack can be utilized in other applications as well.

The Wire Roller comes in a variety of configurations for ease of use in particular applications. It can be mounted to an ATV, 3 point hitch tractor mount, skid steer implement plate, receiver hitch mount, pick-up truck, or trailer. Custom mounts are also available.

Models Include:

  • SM100-Standard Mount
  • RHM100-Receiver Hitch Mount
  • 3PHM100-3 Point Hitch Mount
  • SSM100-Skid Steer Mount

Hydra-Power Pack

The Hydra-Power Pack is an accessory component to the Hydraulic Wire Roller.  It is designed to compliment and power the wire roller in all applications.  It can also be used for other hydraulic power applications as well.

Hydraulic Post Puller and Other Accessories

The hydraulic post puller is just one accessory available for the hydraulic powered Wire Roller. With 800 lbs of lift, this unit makes removal of steel T posts and others a breeze while not damaging them for the next use.

Accessory list includes: Post Puller, Heavy Duty Utility Trailer, Spool Unroll/Shipping Inserts, Unroller (Receiver Hitch, 4 Spool), Unroller (3 Point Hitch, 4 Spool), Hydra-Power Pack.

Purchase the Hydraulic Post Puller or the Heavy Duty Utility Trailer by contacting Frenchglen Blacksmiths at 541-589-0777. Call for pricing.

The Manual Backpack Wire Roller

The Manual Backpack Wire Roller is designed for use in wilderness area applications requiring a portable, lightweight and quiet operating wire rolling unit, and for salvaging fencing in rugged terrain where it may be difficult or impossible to utilize other equipment. The Manual Backpack Wire Roller is ideal for the small fence rolling project that does not necessitate a fully powered hydraulic wire roller version, or when the user does not have access to tractor or skid steer hydraulic systems.

This unit meets National Wilderness designation requirements for non-mechanized equipment. It is built of rugged lightweight aluminum and weighs just 35 lbs.

The Manual Backpack Wire Roller may be easily transported by vehicle, via pack animal, or it can be packed in just like a backpack. It requires only moments to set-up and ready for wire rolling. It is quick and easy to roll up to a quarter mile of wire on a spool. Users commonly experience one mile of salvage per day.

Purchase the Manual Backpack Wire Roller, Model WLD04 by contacting Frenchglen Blacksmiths at 541-589-0777. Call for pricing.