The Hydraulic Powered Wire Roller

The Wire Roller is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to remove strand wire fencing while preserving the integrity of fencing materials for re-use. Whether salvaging fencing material from rangeland, changing cross fencing on a ranch or backyard, or moving security wire, the Wire Roller reduces labor costs while increasing the salvage value of any strand wire fence. Its hydraulic wire spooling guide provides for personnel safety and creates perfect spools every time.

The Wire Roller easily coils up to a quarter mile of wire in a few minutes into a tight, reusable roll, virtually like new. The ease and safety of operation is enhanced by the hydraulic operating valves enabling the operator to run the machine and guide the wire from a safe position.

The Wire Roller is a hydraulic driven system. It can be powered by a conventional tractor hydraulic system in a 3 point hitch tractor mount configuration, by a skid steer type loader, or by Frenchglen Blacksmiths Portable Hydra-Power Pack. The Hydra-Power Pack can be utilized in other applications as well.

The Wire Roller comes in a variety of configurations for ease of use in particular applications. It can be mounted to an ATV, 3 point hitch tractor mount, skid steer implement plate, receiver hitch mount, pick-up truck, or trailer. Custom mounts are also available.

Models Include:

  • SM100-Standard Mount
  • RHM100-Receiver Hitch Mount
  • 3PHM100-3 Point Hitch Mount
  • SSM100-Skid Steer Mount